QAS places particular emphasis on seed quality.  After harvesting, the raw product is dried and mechanically cleaned to the highest degree of purity, before samples are drawn for submission to a NATA and ISTA accredited seed testing laboratory.  All seed lines are analysed by an independent seed laboratory for purity and germination levels, according to the rules laid down by the International Seed Testing Association before being released.


The State of Queensland enjoys the unique environmental conditions required for tropical pasture seed production and seed producers have attained a high degree of expertise over the years.  Queensland has developed a reputation as a major supplier of high quality, tropical and sub-tropical seeds to the rest of the world.  Many varieties available through QAS are not produced successfully elsewhere in the world.

With the QAS offices and warehouse located in Toowoomba, at the top of the Great Dividing Range, the product is warehoused in an atmosphere of low humidity and mild temperature, providing the optimum environment for seed storage ensuring maximum maintenance of viability levels.  Toowoomba is Queensland's largest inland city and gateway to the highly productive agricultural area, well known as the Darling Downs.


QAS has a client base which entends throughout Australia and the rest of the world.  With approximately half its business off-shore, QAS is arguably one the largest exporters of Tropical and Sub-Tropical  pasture seeds in Australia.  QAS is the largest exporter of Signal grass in Australia.  Export destinations include the Middle East, Pacific Islands, Japan, South America, USA, South East Asia, as well as many African and European countries.  QAS has supplied pasture seed for a number for World Bank and FAO aid funded projects assisting developing countries.

Distribution & Documentation

Special attention is always given to international orders.  Prompt commencement of any treatments necessary to comply with quarantine requirements of importing countries and prompt dispatch to air or seaport of Brisbane is assured in order to meeting shipping deadlines.  Documentation is meticulously completed and dispatched as per buyers requests to facilitate smooth quarantine and customs clearance at the port of destination.  The QAS warehouse has access to a network of transport companies servicing all centres throughout Australia, and is less than two hours by road to Brisbane's International Airport and shipping port.

We want to you to grow with us

The staff at QAS value your business.  We are available to provide advice and to share with you, our extensive experience in the seed industry.

Our products is seeds.  Our interest is in the growth of our association with you.  We will help to build both your business and your pastures from the ground up.