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Pasture seed of the highest quality

Queensland Agricultural Seeds supply pasture seed of the highest quality for domestic & overseas markets.

Queensland Agricultural Seeds Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned private company, established in 1987. Q.A.S. specialises in the supply of tropical and temperate pasture, crop and turf seeds for sowing. These seeds are grown in areas which are ideally suited to the production of a high quality product and are supplied to an extensive reseller network within domestic and international markets.

The Q.A.S. group of dedicated seedsmen combine years of experience in the seed industry. They have a commitment to meeting the individual needs of customers throughout Australia and the world. They have a genuine commitment at every stage of production. The result is what we believe to be seed and service of the highest quality available worldwide.

Australia Mungbean Association The company is a member of Queensland Produce, Seeds & Grain Merchants' Association and Commerce Queensland and the Australian Mungbean Association.

Queensland Agricultural Merchants' Association Commerce Queensland

Queensland Agricultural Seeds

Queensland Agricultural Seeds
Email: pastures@qaseeds.com.au   Phone: +61 7 4630 1000   Fax: +61 7 4630 1005
Address: 366-368 Anzac Avenue (PO BOX 1052)   TOOWOOMBA   4350   AUSTRALIA

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