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Plant SpeciesCommon NameBotanical NameFact Sheet ?
BISSERRULACasbahBisserrula pelecinus
BISSERRULAMauroBisserrula pelecinus
CLOVER - BERSEEMElite 11Trifolium alexandrinum
CLOVER - BERSEEMMulticutTrifolium alexandrinum
CLOVER - PERSIANShaftalTrifolium resupinatum
CLOVER - REDPac 19Trifolium pratense
CLOVER - REDRenegadeTrifolium pratense
CLOVER - SUBTERRANEUMDalkeithTrifolium subterraneumFact Sheet
CLOVER - SUBTERRANEUMGoulburnTrifolium subterraneumFact Sheet
CLOVER - SUBTERRANEUMNungarinTrifolium subterraneumFact Sheet
CLOVER - SUBTERRANEUMSeaton ParkTrifolium subterraneumFact Sheet
CLOVER - SUBTERRANEUMUranaTrifolium subterraneumFact Sheet
CLOVER - SUBTERRANEUMYorkTrifolium subterraneumFact Sheet
CLOVER - WHITEDemandTrifolium repensFact Sheet
CLOVER - WHITEHaifaTrifolium repensFact Sheet
CLOVER - WHITEMinkTrifolium repensFact Sheet
CLOVER - WHITENusiralTrifolium repensFact Sheet
CLOVER - WHITESustainTrifolium repensFact Sheet
CLOVER - WHITEWill-LadinoTrifolium repensFact Sheet
GREATER LOTUSGrasslands MakuLotus pedunculatusFact Sheet
LUCERNEHallmarkMedicago sativaFact Sheet
LUCERNEL55Medicago sativaFact Sheet
LUCERNEL90Medicago sativaFact Sheet
LUCERNERippaMedicago sativaFact Sheet
LUCERNESardi 10Medicago sativaFact Sheet
LUCERNESardi 7Medicago sativaFact Sheet
LUCERNESequelMedicago sativaFact Sheet
LUCERNESequel HRMedicago sativaFact Sheet
LUCERNETrifectaMedicago sativaFact Sheet
LUCERNEUQL1Medicago sativaFact Sheet
MEDIC - BARRELAscotMedicago truncatulaFact Sheet
MEDIC - BARRELBorungMedicago truncatulaFact Sheet
MEDIC - BARRELMogulMedicago truncatulaFact Sheet
MEDIC - BARRELParabingaMedicago truncatulaFact Sheet
MEDIC - BARRELParaggioMedicago truncatulaFact Sheet
MEDIC - BARRELSephiMedicago truncatulaFact Sheet
MEDIC - BURRSantiagoMedicago polymorphaFact Sheet
MEDIC - GAMAParapontoMedicago rugosa
MEDIC - MUREXZodiacMedicago murex
MEDIC - SNAILKelsonMedicago scutellataFact Sheet
MEDIC - SNAILSavaMedicago scutellataFact Sheet
MEDIC - SNAILSilverMedicago scutellataFact Sheet
MEDIC - STRANDHarbingerMedicago littoralis
SERRADELLA - FRENCHCadizOrnithopus sativus
SERRADELLA - SLENDERJebelaOrnithopus pinnatus
SERRADELLA - YELLOWCharanoOrnithopus compressusFact Sheet
SERRADELLA - YELLOWKingOrnithopus compressusFact Sheet
SERRADELLA - YELLOWMadeiraOrnithopus compressusFact Sheet
SERRADELLA - YELLOWSantoriniOrnithopus compressusFact Sheet
VETCH - COMMONBlanchfleurVicia sativa
VETCH - COMMONLanguedocVicia sativa
VETCH - PURPLEPopanyVicia benghalensis
VETCH - WOOLLY PODNamoi Vicia villosaFact Sheet

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