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Plant SpeciesCommon NameBotanical NameFact Sheet ?
BURGUNDY BEANBurgundyMacroptilium bracteatumFact Sheet
BUTTERFLY PEAMilgarra (Blue Pea)Clitoria ternateaFact Sheet
CENTROBundeyCentrosema pascuorumFact Sheet
CENTROCardilloCentrosema pubescensFact Sheet
CENTROCavalcadeCentrosema pascuorumFact Sheet
CREEPING VIGNAShawVigna parkeriFact Sheet
DESMATHUSJaribuDesmanthus sppFact Sheet
GLYCINECooperNeonotonia wightiiFact Sheet
GLYCINETinarooNeonotonia wightiiFact Sheet
GREENLEAF DESMODIUMGreenleafDesmodium intortumFact Sheet
JOINTVETCH - AMERICANGlennAeschynomene AmericanaFact Sheet
JOINTVETCH - AMERICANLeeAeschynomene AmericanaFact Sheet
JOINTVETCH - VILLOSEKretschmerAeschynomone villosaFact Sheet
JOINTVETCH - VILLOSEReidAeschynomone villosaFact Sheet
LEUCAENACunninghamLucaena leucocephelaFact Sheet
LEUCAENAPeruvianLucaena leucocephelaFact Sheet
LEUCAENATarambaLucaena leucocephelaFact Sheet
LOTONONISMilesLotononis bainesiiFact Sheet
PERENNIAL LABLABEnduranceLablab purpureusFact Sheet
PINTO PEANUTAmarilloArachis pintoiFact Sheet
ROUNDLEAF CASSIAWynnChamaecrista rotundifoliaFact Sheet
SIRATROAztecMacroptilium atropurpeumFact Sheet
STYLO - CAATINGAPrimarStylosanthes seabranaFact Sheet
STYLO - CAATINGAUnicaStylosanthes seabranaFact Sheet
STYLO - CARRIBEANAmigaStylosanthes hamataFact Sheet
STYLO - CARRIBEANVeranoStylosanthes hamataFact Sheet
STYLO - FINE STEMOxleyStylosanthes hippcamoidesFact Sheet
STYLO - SHRUBBYSecaStylosanthes scabraFact Sheet
STYLO - SHRUBBYSiranStylosanthes scabraFact Sheet

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