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Plant SpeciesCommon NameBotanical NameFact Sheet ?
ATRA PASPALUMHi-GanePaspalum atratum
BAHIA GRASSArgentinePaspalum notatumFact Sheet
BAHIA GRASSCompetidorPaspalum notatumFact Sheet
BAHIA GRASSPensacolaPaspalum notatumFact Sheet
BERMUDA GRASS (HULLED)Green CouchCynodon dactylonFact Sheet
BERMUDA GRASS (UNHULLED)Green CouchCynodon dactylonFact Sheet
BLUE COUCHQueenslandDigitaria diactylaFact Sheet
BLUEGRASS - CREEPINGBissetBothriochloa insculptaFact Sheet
BLUEGRASS - CREEPINGHatchBothriochloa insculptaFact Sheet
BLUEGRASS - FLORENFlorenDichanthium aristatum
BLUEGRASS - FORESTSwannBothriochloa bladhiiFact Sheet
BLUEGRASS - INDIANBowenBothriochloa pertusaFact Sheet
BLUEGRASS - INDIANDawsonBothriochloa pertusaFact Sheet
BLUEGRASS - INDIANKeppelBothriochloa pertusaFact Sheet
BLUEGRASS - INDIANMedwayBothriochloa pertusaFact Sheet
BRUNSWICK GRASSBlue DawnPanicum nicorae
BUFFEL GRASSAmericanCenchrus ciliarisFact Sheet
BUFFEL GRASSBiloelaCenchrus ciliarisFact Sheet
BUFFEL GRASSGayndahCenchrus ciliarisFact Sheet
BUFFEL GRASSNunbankCenchrus ciliarisFact Sheet
CARPET GRASSNarrowleafAxonopus affinisFact Sheet
DIGIT GRASSPremierDigitaria erianthaFact Sheet
GAMBA GRASSKentAndropogon gayanusFact Sheet
GUINEA GRASSCommonPanicum maximumFact Sheet
HAMIL GRASSHamil GrassPanicum maximumFact Sheet
HUMIDICOLAKoroniviaBrachiaria humidicolaFact Sheet
HUMIDICOLATullyBrachiaria humidicolaFact Sheet
KIKUYUWhittetPennisetum clandestinumFact Sheet
PANICBambatsiiPanicum coloratumFact Sheet
PANICGattonPanicum maximumFact Sheet
PANICGreenPanicum maximumFact Sheet
PASPALUMCommonPaspalum dilatatumFact Sheet
PASPALUMDallis GrassPaspalum dilatatumFact Sheet
PURPLE PIGEON GRASSInverellSetaria incrassataFact Sheet
RHODES GRASSCallideChloris gayanaFact Sheet
RHODES GRASSFinecutChloris gayanaFact Sheet
RHODES GRASSKatamboraChloris gayanaFact Sheet
RHODES GRASSPioneerChloris gayanaFact Sheet
RHODES GRASSTopcutChloris gayanaFact Sheet
SABI GRASSNixonUrohcloa mosambicensisFact Sheet
SABI GRASSSarajiUrohcloa mosambicensisFact Sheet
SETARIAKazungulaSetaria sphacelataFact Sheet
SETARIANarokSetaria sphacelataFact Sheet
SETARIASolanderSetaria sphacelataFact Sheet
SETARIASplendaSetaria sphacelataFact Sheet
SIGNAL GRASSBasilisk Brachiaria decumbensFact Sheet
TALL FINGER GRASSJarraDigitaria milanjianaFact Sheet
TALL FINGER GRASSStricklandDigitaria milanjianaFact Sheet

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